We are a company specializing in construction materials, we are situated in Carrer del Quatre de Novembre no. 18 in Palma de Mallorca and are renowned for our outstanding customer service. A company that has been at the top of their game for more than 25 years, constantly renewing itself within the sector, always adapting to the market of new products through study, learning and treatment. Our team is made up of ten workers who we consider “family” amongst ourselves.


Founded on the 26th August 1994 by Mr Francisco Sugrañes Baena, Linx Baleares SL. A visionary that saw the idea of encompassing a great variety of specialized products to cover the demand for the problems that were arising in the construction industry and enabling a quick and efficient answer. During its beginnings the company started by making ornate tiles and finishes for buildings, quick cement and coloured cement until the31st of

December 1998. Up to this day, coloured cement is the star product of the company. In 1998 it became the official distributor of Ardex in Mallorca and from that moment started bringing more technical products to offer its customers, like asphalt fabric, pvc sheeting and Ardex mortar. In 2004 the installations of the firm were extended enabling it to store a more varied and technical stock and in 2008 we began working with international providers from Germany and Belgium for instance.

We continued to improve our services and in 2014 took the initiative of selling at a national level, although we do specialize more in the Balearic islands. Actually, at this moment in time we are well consolidated in the Balearic market but never forgetting our beginnings. All our success is thanks to our great team of professionals who have years of experience in the sector, without them we would have been unable to form what is today Linx and for many a great family.